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The mobile mosaics created are made up of individual high resolution images melded into one through the use of artist Craig Adam's mobile mosaic platform. Users double tap the mosaic to get the full resolution of any single image in the compilation. Another tap on the individual image can uncover text, video or special offers tied to that one image. The app can be linked to customizable, real time online promotions, which will drive the end-user back to the app multiple times and will keep a static visual offering alive for a long period of time.


Muhammad Ali

An interactive e-book presenting over 3,200 photographs by Ken Regan throughout Ali's decades-spanning journey as "The Greatest." Zoom into the Mosaic cover and explore unique images full screen. Tap to read about each photograph, Ali anecdotes, quotes, stories about events and more. Write comments about any photo and read what other fans are saying. Send Ali images to friends to check out your favorite photos. Tap Chapters to learn about Ali quotes, facts and his timeline. Also available in HD for the iPad.

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Essence 40th Anniversary Mosaic

In May 1970, the first issue of ESSENCE arrived on newsstands. The cover featured a bold, beautiful Black woman with a gorgeous halo of natural hair. And now 40 years later, we have re-created that iconic image through a mosaic of all of our 496 covers. Zoom into the Mosaic image to see full screen images and cover model details. We hope that you enjoy this retrospective of Black women's style and unique cultural experience.

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American Museum of Natural History:

The world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils can now be accessed through hundreds of photos and renderings. Zoom into the mosaic and inspect individual photos. Tap the info button for fascinating information about the science and personalities of the Museum’s world-renowned fossil collection including where the fossil was found and the paleontologist who uncovered it. There’s a dinosaur enthusiast lurking inside all of us. Start digging!

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American Museum of Natural History:
Cosmic Discoveries

Take a ride with the Museum’s astrophysicists through our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond. Cosmic Discoveries is the first app to collect nearly a 1000 stunning astronomic images and is being launched as part of a year-long series of events to help commemorate the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Museum’s Rose Center for Earth and Space, a New York City icon and one of the world’s most revered science and educational institutions.

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Project Grateful Dead

Interactive Photosmosiac by artist Craig Adam, made up of 450 photographs of Jerry and the band through concert tours, deadheads and intimate off-stage moments—each tagged with information on date, location and photographer. Send any photo to a friend using the built in email system and your address book. View user comments and add your own to the communty forum. Enjoy exclusive Dead stories from celebrity photographers Jay Blakesberg and Aaron Kayce.

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The Dead Tour 2009 - All Access

Streaming audio, video and photo blogs from all 22 shows from the 2009 tour! Play by song, show, or shuffle to create your own playlist. Pan, swipe and zoom in on the Photomosaic logo, comprised of exclusive photos of the past 14 years of The Dead. Each photo has information about where and when it was shot, which you can share with friends and even blog on, right in the App. Access behind-the-scenes footage before, during & after the shows, video from the "lots," rehearsals, sound checks and a whole lot more.

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Ziggy Stardust

This eBook traces the entire two-year career of Ziggy Stardust from the early acclaim to the pivotal american tours, and the final blockbuster concert that marked Ziggy's retirement. Explore the Photomosaic artwork that showcases hundreds of photographer Mick Rock's compelling pictures which reflect his amazing friendship with David Bowie. These images capture the extraordinary costumes, colorful makeup, hair, first class rock, on-stage performance, and back-stage antics.

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About Mosaic Legends

Founded in 2005, Mosaic Legends is one of the world’s premier digital media companies focused on turning digital assets into marketable consumer products and services. Leveraging mosaic artist Craig Adam’s interactive mosaic technology, the company enables content creators to utilize their multimedia assets and engage their audience across mobile, web and print applications.

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